is our edge

We are a technology and data driven trading firm. As a team of traders, quants, engineers and operations professionals, we develop and execute trading strategies and risk transfer products across commodities, digital assets, gaming and sports.

As a multi-asset trading business, we continuously trade risk via exchanges, over-the-counter and via global insurance markets.

Our Vision

We are a world class multi-asset trading firm, increasing liquidity and market efficiency through talent, technology and superior execution

Our edge

We hire exceptional people, build fast technology, design innovative contracts and find new pools of liquidity.


Having exceptional people and providing them with the tools and environment to thrive helps us to attract new exceptional people


We develop bespoke trading systems and leverage best-in-class trade support software to maximise automation and efficiency


From over-the-counter quotes to high frequency trading, we strive for perfect execution

Our Story

RISQ's journey so far

Founded in 2010, RISQ has grown organically by identifying and capturing opportunities in alternative and emerging markets.

We began by trading structured finance products with professional sports teams and commercial sponsors, expanded into the gaming industry to provide insurance against large payouts and now we're trading digital assets and new energy markets.

We build flexible technology and structures. When we identify new opportunities, we leverage existing infrastructure and supplement it with domain knowledge to keep growing.

We’re proud of our independence and organic growth into new markets.


RISQ Capital incorporated.

First corporate sports risk deal brokered.

£1m total traded.


RISQ Capital granted a UKGC betting and gaming licence – making it eligible as a direct counterparty to corporates wanting to manage their financial risk to sporting outcomes.

£50m total traded.


RISQ Re, a fully-owned subsidiary of RISQ Capital, is formed and granted an insurance licence by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) to enable direct access to reinsurance capacity and write direct insurance contracts with corporates and other counterparties.

£500m total traded.


First automated trading strategy into multiple global sports market exchanges implemented.

Multiple trading strategies deployed on the trading system.

£1bn total traded.


RISQ continues to invest heavily in the technology that underpins its trading success.

ISQ Alderney Limited, fully-owned subsidiary, regulated by the AGCC betting and gaming licence enables RISQ to take bets from internal gaming operators.

First Lottery client acquired, managing up to £150m of prize risk on behalf of A-rated reinsurance capacity.


RISQ separates the Lottery trading platform from the trading platform.

RISQ continues to acquire clients within the gaming and betting sector offering niche prize risk management.

RISQ Research incorporated.


RISQ trading platform processes and executes 55 million transactions daily.

RISQ lottery platform processes 80,000+ bets per day from 12 clients with 99.9% uptime.


RISQ enters the power trading sector.


First power trade submitted to EPEX SPOT.

150,000 MWh traded in the UK Power Market.


First trade executed in the Irish Power Market.

651,500 MWh traded in UK and Irish Power Markets.


First futures trades on ICE.

First digital assets trade.

The Team


We are a team of experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge in financial technology and electronic trading. The team began their careers in traditional finance, commodities trading and technology with firms including Goldman Sachs, Barclays, HSBC, Investec, Intel, Alpiq and Centrica Energy Trading.

Together we bring domain expertise, algorithmic trading, infrastructure security, statistics, and compliance expertise to the dynamic markets we trade, validating our position as a trustworthy liquidity partner with a growing client base.


£1.5 trillion value traded to date


Team of 32


13-year history


100+ clients and counterparties