Capturing trading edge in
energy markets

RISQ Energy deals in commodities and financial contracts linked to the world’s decarbonisation push and the new energy economy. We trade power, gas, emissions and environmental certificates. Our areas of research also include bio-fuels and energy transition metals.

Energy Trading is Changing

The future of energy and commodities trading involves paradoxes that need to be managed. The growing world population needs more energy and more commodities. But we also need to rapidly decarbonise in order to protect the planet.

Because a diverse range of commodities with related but volatile supply and demand profiles are needed to move the world towards net zero, markets for those commodities will continue to evolve rapidly and the relationships between them will become more complex.

RISQ Energy is at the centre of this challenge and we aim to leverage digitalisation, technology and quantitative methods to pioneer new ways of energy trading that make a difference.

Our vision is to be a leader in cross-commodity trading of power, energy transition fuels, metals and other commodities as markets evolve along the path to net zero.

Markets we trade

Electricity currently accounts for 20% of global energy consumption, projected to rise to 50% by 2050 due to the accelerating net zero transition. Volatility in wholesale electricity markets is increasing as the intermittent nature of renewable supply becomes a larger part of the energy mix. This means short-term exchange-traded electricity markets are gaining popularity as generators and suppliers require balancing trades to meet their generation or supply requirements.

RISQ trades power in multiple countries, cross-border and on futures exchanges. We also trade Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with renewable generators and corporate offtakers, as well as providing bespoke insurance solutions for counterparties to help manage the volatility of supply and demand.

Gas is an essential fuel for the energy transition and gas demand will continue to grow. Gas is the main factor in determining the price of power and understanding gas flows is essential to trading a new energy portfolio.

Environmental certificates represent a tangible value of renewable generation and decarbonisation. They are traded for voluntary and compliance purposes and for funding new projects. The market is dynamic but volatile and often illiquid. We provide market access and market-making services to grow the market and help generators, suppliers and corporations meet their climate goals.

Products we trade


Futures and options


Power Purchase Agreements




In today’s energy markets, finding and retaining an edge is everything. At RISQ, our expertise in quantitative analysis, algorithmic trading and structured finance provides it.


For renewable asset owners

For renewable asset owners

We buy PPAs linked to wind and solar assets. Our proprietary market access and modelling software enables us to bid competitively and use innovative structures that better manage the risk inherent in weather-related generation assets and provide optimal returns for asset owners. We can quote on physical and virtual PPAs and provide route-to-market solutions.

We also have a strong track record in developing bespoke insurance and structured finance products using our futures and options global market access. We can design an insurance solution to protect the income stream from your assets.

As a Balance Responsible Party (BRP) in the major European power markets, our job is to provide market access and mitigate balancing risk.

For suppliers and corporate energy users

Power Purchase Agreements

We buy and sell PPAs in both primary and secondary markets. We can quote on physical and virtual PPAs and provide route-to-market solutions for generators. We also offer procurement services for offtakers and corporate customers.

Environmental certificates

We procure guarantees of origin (GOs), renewable energy certificates (RECs) and international renewable certificates (IRECs) for larger energy consumers that require proof of green energy consumption.

For exchanges and brokers


We’ve provided market-makingservices across multiple exchanges and less liquid products since 2015. We Increase efficiency and confidence in new markets and ultimately help create better products.  Our robust trading technology provides pricing 24/7, adhering to pre-agreed uptime and spread agreements with exchanges.


Our experience across diverse markets can help structure products that attract liquidity and help grow market size and efficiency.