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RISQ has been trading the global sports and gaming markets since our inception in 2010. Today, we’re a leading market-maker on the largest global sports exchanges, as well as providing liquidity and market access to clients looking to hedge their financial exposure to major sporting outcomes. Our gaming and lottery division gives clients unrivalled access to global insurance markets. This gives them the opportunity to offer prizes of up to $100 million on random outcomes, driving their sales to a new level.

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Prize risk management

Regulated betting contracts

The opportunity within global sports markets keeps growing. In an industry where finding and retaining an edge is everything, RISQ’s experience and innovation within sports exchanges provides it.


Market-making global sports exchanges

Market-making global sports exchanges

We’ve provided market-making services across multiple sports exchanges and less liquid products since 2015. We increase efficiency and confidence in new markets and ultimately help create better products.

Sports hedging and insurance

Sports hedging and insurance

Corporate clients – including sports brands and manufacturers, sports betting operators, and sports trading funds – are exposed to sports performance risk. But the financial risk from sporting outcomes can be managed via our hedging and insurance solutions.

We’re in a unique position to access global liquidity pools, giving clients access to the best price and when required in the largest size. Also, due to the flexibility of our corporate structure, we’re able to offer clients access to global sports liquidity contracting via A-rated insurance, unrated insurance, hedging contracts and regulated betting contracts

Prize hedging and insurance

Prize hedging and insurance

Global lottery operators and gaming companies require prize risk management solutions to offer large insured prizes, either as part of a new or existing game or to increase interest and drive entries.

Our proprietary platform receives entries, monitors, generates dashboard reports and results against its certified Random Number Generator (RNG) all in real-time via API.

Due to the flexibility of our corporate structure we’re in a unique position to offer clients access to up to $100 million prizes, across multiple products, contracting via A-rated insurance, unrated insurance, hedging contracts and regulated betting contracts.